Gonna Be Hard to Top this Day…

I spent my first day with Jess in over 40 days :)

I met her at the airport with her father and brother. As soon as I saw her… Idk. I was completely speechless. My heart raced and i was just so happy. I just couldnt find the words to describe it.

On the ride home, we held hands almost the entire way and i fell asleep on her shoulder once or twice :x i forgot how comfy my girlfriend can be lol

When we got to her house, I finally got to tell her I love her in person. Idk. I dont think ill ever forget that. She responded i love you too and we kissed in her driveway :)

For the rest of my day, Jess and I basically laid in her bed together and cuddled. I couldn’t imagine a better ending to a perfect day.

It’s just too bad schools tomorrow. I wish we just had a little bit of summer left together. 

But I’m not worried :) Labor Day weekend is coming up and we can spend the entire weekend together. 

My last day of summer was probably my best. I love you Jessica Elms and I couldnt imagine a better way to end my summer :) I wouldnt have wanted to spend it with anyone else<3

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  • 29 August 2011
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